New gift from Roger Waters

Written by on January 23, 2021

Roger Waters comes with a gift and releases a brand new version of The Ginner’s Dream (1983). The song originally featured on his last Pink Floyd album: The Final Cut. ,,I like to make the world just a little bit more beautiful and give my fans this new video!

New version
,,I saw the documentary The Man Who Saved The World about Stanislav Petrov. He was the former lieutenant colonel of the Soviet Air Defence Forces and the documentary was about his role in preventing possible nuclear holocaust.” Roger Waters sighs. ,,The year before Stanislav saved the World, back in 82 I wrote The Gunner’s Dream. If Stanislav had not been in the right place at the right time None of us would be alive.” If Waters could rule the world for just one day, he would immediately get rid of nuclear weapons. ,,That’s the first thing in the morning.” Of course Waters can’t rule the world but-as he says- he can love and respect her. ,,Here is a new recording and video of The Gunner’s Dream as a gift from me and my lovely band tot this world!”