Till Lindemann sells online his sex toy ‘Tilldo’

Written by on December 21, 2020

Till Lindemann has opened an erotic webshop called Doctor Dick. Not a surprising turn for the Rammstein singer whose music has proven to be quite titillating. Lindemann laughs. ,,We can’t celebrate 2020 without my vibrator Tilldo.”

The sex toy is inspired by the rocker’s stage microphone. According to the vibrator’s product description, the completely handmade Tilldo is for ‘vaginal perfection and anal correspondence. Do you want something else? No problem: Doctor Dick has enough. What about the bottled alcoholic beverage called Golden Shower? Or as Till describes it as a ‘flavored sparkling drink with gold leaf.’ Lindemann isn’t the first rocker who have a custom sex toy. A couple of years ago, Marilyn Manson released his own official dildo fashioned after his image.

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