SOIL Has Recorded Two Albums’ Worth Of Material

Written by on March 12, 2022

SOIL bassist Tim King, who is promoting the debut album from his brutal old-school death metal outfit EMBRYONIC AUTOPSY, touched upon the status of his main band in a new interview with That Metal Interview. He said: “SOIL’s still going. We just hit 25 years this January with SOIL. We’ve got two records’ worth of material recorded which we’ll put out later on this year. So that’s still a major part of my life and we still do a lot with that. That’s my main band and everything like that.”

Back in December 2020, SOIL vocalist Ryan McCombs confirmed that he and his bandmates were working on the long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s “Whole” album. He said during a Headbangers Con live virtual panel: “We just started writing here recently with the SOIL guys. So that’s been a breath of fresh air for me, ’cause I’ve been going a little nuts not having something to write for a long time.

“Not having something to write is like an artist not having use of their hands to draw or paint, or whatever their medium is. I’ve never been able to play an instrument for shit, so I’ve always been reliant on having a good music writer, instrumentation-wise, a music writer, and I’ve been blessed with C.J. Pierce [during my days with DROWNING POOL] and Adam Zadel. So not having one of those guys sending me musical ideas to bounce back and forth on, I feel like an artist with no hands. So having, all of a sudden, half a dozen songs in two weeks’ time to write with, I feel like a mad scientist. I feel like my legs work again; I’ve got hands again. It’s been awesome.”