Liam Gallagher is ‘up for’ Reading and Leeds Festival

Written by on August 27, 2022

Liam Gallagher is ‘prepared’ for a surprise appearance at Reading and Leeds 2022.

Liam performed at Knebworth earlier this summer, having performed at the iconic venue in 1996 with Oasis. The band played two nights in front of 125,000 people in Knebworth, and Liam admitted it felt like “the best thing since sliced bread” at the time.

He thought, “Obviously when you’re young and we did that with Oasis, I’m 20 years old or something, and you know, you’re sitting there and thinking, ‘Oh, we should play at the Oasis. that’s a week” because you think you’re awesome, and you’re the best thing since sliced bread.

Liam turns 50 in September and he admits he’s been blown away by his own popularity.

Speaking ahead of his return to Knebworth, Liam said: “At 50, doing it around my 50s is the right thing to do, like I’m blown away by it, man. But I know I’ll deliver me” I’m not going to thank God for this and all this. You know what I mean?