Alice Cooper shares his ‘weirdest song ever’

Written by on December 13, 2020

Alice Cooper gives a preview from his new album Detroit Stories. A real surprise while the release Our Love Will Change The World doesn’t sound like Alice Cooper. ,,It’s the most upbeat and oddest song I ever recorded!” But appearances are deceptive…

His upcoming album Detroit Stories goes with the second single back to the singer’s high school band The Spiders. A sunny ’60s pop vibe and uncharacteristic sense of joy and optimism. But rest assured, Alice Cooper’s dark side is still there. Our Love Will Change The World has a hidden darkness lurking beneath its shiny exterior. Alice Cooper explains. ,,It is totally different from anything else on the album. The song came to us by another Detroit writer. It was so strange, because it was happy but what it was saying wasn’t happy at all!” He laughs. ,,A great juxtaposition.” Cooper and his bandmates were immediately convinced. ,,The music is saying one thing but the lyrics are saying something else.” For example the lyrics ‘We have very little respect for everything’ and ‘We’re all pessimistic creeps’.

Curious? Listen to the song below!

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