AC DC children’s alphabet book is coming next month

Written by on October 12, 2022

AC/DC inspired a new children’s alphabet book.

The legend of the “Highway to Hell” is the subject of a new book aimed at preschoolers by Australian business, travel and record company Love Police. The alphabet is illustrated with bright images and humor inspired by hard rockers and their music.

“AC/DC AB/CD High-Voltage Alphabet” designed and produced by Paul McNeil is scheduled for release on November 11th.

There is a passage in the book: “A is for Angus Young who thinks it’s good to wear a school uniform and walk like a duck.”

And another says, “C is for Cliff Williams who plays bass, he only likes notes and has a pretty face.” In a statement, Love Police founder Brian Taranto described the project as “an honor” for “any AC/DC or music fan.”

He added: “Yes, it’s a children’s book, but every AC/DC or music fan will find something on every page.

“McNeil did a sweet and rocking job. We look forward to training a new generation of rocking rollers!” Love Police have released three music-themed alphabet books to date, starting with 2007’s M Is For Metal, while Never Mind Your Ps and Qs: Here’s The Punk Alphabet was released the following year.